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The purpose of Middle Division community service is to provide opportunities for students to learn about themselves and their community. The program cultivates a spirit of social responsibility and encourages students to contemplate and appreciate the rewards of a lifelong commitment to contributing to their community. Our ultimate goal as human beings should be to weave service into our daily routine and not as a separate act preformed solely to satisfy a requirement. Middle Division’s community service program is one that seeks to instill a sincere feeling of social responsibility and appreciation within our students.
Grade 6
在社区服务日, 6级服务在下午进行, 在简短的上午课程之后. 在召集小组中, 在他们的助教的指导下, sixth graders travel on foot or by bus to one of seven service sites: Sweetwater Park, Perrone Park, 棋牌游戏平台环境学习中心(布雷路), 变革者(校园场地), 甜水有机社区农场, 佛罗里达学习花园, 和水质测试(也在校园内进行). 团体轮流使用这些场地,每次服务郊游一个场地.
Grade 7
在服务上午,七年级的学生参加预定的课程. Following lunch, they gather in convocation groups and each group travels by bus to its assigned venue. Six venues comprise the grade seven service program: Just Elementary School, 坦帕湾喂养美国, 多佛卓越中心, 迪金森小学, 大都会部委, 及阿伯台(一所生活辅助设施). 团体轮流使用这些场地,每次服务郊游一个场地.
Grade 8
Each grade 8 student selects from a list of several service sites at the beginning of the year and serves at that site during each service outing. A chaperone and classmates who have also chosen that venue accompany him or her. 八年级的学生在早上服务. 午饭后,他们参加预定的课程. 八年级的场地是哈德逊庄园辅助生活设施, 希望儿童之家, 湾冠小学, 迪金森小学, 多佛卓越中心, 灵感生活记忆护理中心, 以及三个希尔斯堡启智中心.
Each February 35-40 Berkeley eighth graders and their Berkeley chaperones spend five days in the Dominican Republic, performing community service at the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation School. The school, near Bonao, DR, educates impoverished children from surrounding villages. 我们的学生与这些孩子互动, 在有监督的学校活动中了解他们的生活. In addition, 棋牌游戏平台的学生在其中一个村庄度过了一个下午, 建造和分配水过滤器.

Bahama Books
Each February, 15名8年级学生, 由高年级学生领袖和老师陪同, travel to Nassau, Bahamas, 巴哈马图书服务项目. There the group establishes a library at a Nassau public elementary school, 上架和数字编目大约2,旅行前收集的500本小说和非小说类书籍. Berkeley participants also teach library-use lessons to the Bahamian students.

前高年级学生, Elias Tsavoussis ' 16, started this service initiative as a recipient of Berkeley’s 50th Anniversary Service Scholar Award. Elias planted the first library at Nassau’s Columbus Primary School. Sandilands Primary and Yellow Elder Primary have been subsequent Bahama Books program recipients.

Many of the books are sourced from the Berkeley 家长协会 Share the Love of Reading annual book drive. Prior to the trip, grade 8 students sort, label, and catalog these book donations. 高年级学生策划图书馆使用活动. Middle Division and Upper Division librarians supervise this on-campus work, and they subsequently guide student shelving and teaching in Nassau. Bahama Books, 一个跨部门合作的服务项目, exemplifies the school’s vision statement: “Berkeley puts people in the world who make a positive difference.”


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